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But calling these foods authentic Mexican cuisine is a small stretch, especially if they’ve been given the American treatment of heavy fry or cheese.

Burrito Gratin Grilled Burrito Nachos Azte

Virtually everybody knows that fast food is bad for you since it is packed with calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium. But how awful is Mexican fast food for you?

Wrong. As an example, Chipotle, while lots boastful of its practices of sustainable and organic farming, is somewhat shy about the caloric content of its foods. Separate analysis of the calorie content of a Chipotle vegetarian burrito discovered that it contained more calories than a Quarter Pounder with chips and a pop from McDonald’s. And that is supposed to be the healthy choice at Chipotle.

Additional Baja Fresh, although not as prevalent, is much more in the red zone than Chipotle. A quesadilla, no sides or drink, from a Baja Fresh pushes the 1,200 calorie mark and is laced with more than two days worth of saturated fat, a main cause of cardiovascular disease. Essentially, if you’d McDonald’s or Burger King for each meal of a day you would start to approach these levels of caloric and fat content.

Picking some nachos out of Baja Fresh is equally unsavory. Consuming just 1 order of nachos, made with cheese and chicken or beef, is the equivalent of eating your whole day’s worth of meals. Weighing in at 2,000 calories and included a day’s worth of sodium and a number of days worth of fat, Baja Fresh nachos signify Mexican-American cuisine taken to the darkest depths.

Even Taco Bell, appearing moderately humble at this time, is a clear offender with its thoroughly American twist on Mexican cuisine, by creating these aberrations like gorditas, Critter controlchalupas and umpteen varieties of burritos.

So, what can you do to receive your Mexican fix without snapping off the button your pants? Take good care of what you eat and what you purchase. Little substitutions can save you plenty of calories in the long term. The majority of these repairs are fairly simple too.

Picking corn over flour tortillas is a fantastic place to start. Even though it may not look like much, if you are having several tacos, obtaining corn tortillas can save you hundreds of calories. Moreover, request many condiments on the side. A huge glob of sour cream slap in the center of your burrito can feel like an anchor once you have finished putting that burrito away. However, requesting it on the side lets you’re in control how much you have. Do not let your diet be ordered by franchise food.

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